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South Dakota

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

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Some information about the Crazy Horse Memorial

Entire Carving - 641 feet long X 563 feet high
Crazy Horse’s Face - 87 feet, 6 inches (completed June 3, 1998)
(Note: The head of this Memorial is so large all 4 of the President's Heads on Mount Rushmore would fit inside.)
Outstretched Arm - 263 feet
Opening under arm - 70 feet wide and 100 feet high
Hand - 25 feet high
Finger – 29 1/2 feet long
Horse’s Head - 219 feet high (22 stories)
Horse’s Mane - 62 feet high
Horse’s Ears - 54 feet long
Horse’s Eyes - 20 feet wide; 15 feet high
Horse’s Nostrils - 26 foot diameter

One family has been sculpting this monument since 1947.
No tax money is involved; only donations and purchases from the store have paid the expenses all these decades.
We bought a chunk of rock for $1.00.

You will find all of the informationat this sight:

Video of Crazy Horse Memorial, SD (1 of 1)

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota Start

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota End

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