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The Chomko Hat

Scranton, Pennsylvania

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The Chomko Hat

A buddy; Ed Chomko Sr.
owner of:

Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home
Scranton, Pennsylvania

(Ed was a L.R.R.P, (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) during his stint in Country during the Viet Nam War.)
Link to a L.R.R.P. video on YouTube

gave us some traveling gifts including The Chomko Hat.

Told Ed we would take pictures of his hat at different places we visited.

The Chomko Hat is really 4 hats. Each one more worn out and faded then the other.

The Chomko Hat has been to 26 States.

Video of The Chomko Hat




The Chomko Hat Start


Silverton, Colorado

Lake Havasu City, Ariszona VW Bus Rally 2017

The Grand Canyon

Route 66 in Williams, Arizona

Durango, Colorado

Hawthorne, Nevada Army Depot Museum

The Chomko Mug, Lake Meade, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Four Corners National Park, New Mexico

The Greens RV Park, Kirtland, New Mexico

Coos Bay, Oregon

Bastendorf County RV Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

Boardman Marina RV Park, Boardman, Oregon

Farewell Bend State Park, Huntington, Oregon

Fox Den Acres, New Stanton, Pennsylvania

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

The Tower, Wyoming

Hawthorne, Nevada

Bullhead City, Arizona

Mount Shiprock, New Mexico

Salton Sea, California

Pahrump, Nevada

The Chomko Hat End

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