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Entered the Union: February 14, 1859 (33) Capital: Salem
Origin of Name: Unknown. First used by Jonathan Carver in 1778 – taken from the writings of Major Robert Rogers, an English army officer. It may derive from the word "ooligan" an Indian word for the smelt, a fish widely traded in the western parts of North America. Another possibility is a deritive of the French ouragan, meaning storm or hurricane.
State Nickname: Beaver State State Flower: Oregon Grape
State Bird: Western Meadowlark State Tree: Douglas Fir
State Insect: Oregon Swallowtail State Animal: American Beaver
State Fish: The Chinook Salmon State Nut: Hazelnut
State Rock: The Thunder-egg (geode) State Beverage: Milk
State Song: “Oregon, My Oregon" State Gem: Oregon sunstone
State Motto: Alis volat Propriis (She flies with her own wings)
National Park: 1 • National Forests: 13 • State Parks: 231
Famous for: Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, Oregon Dunes, Columbia River, Tillamook Cheese
Famous Oregonians: Robert Gray (Discovered Columbia River), Chief Joseph (Nez Perce), Dave Kingman (Baseball), Jane Powell (Actress & Singer), Doc Severinsen (Band Leader), Sally Struthers (Actress)


Video of Welcome to Oregon (1 of 1)



Ships in Coos Bay, Oregon, (As seen from Bastendorf County RV Park)

Boardman Marina, Boardman, Oregon July 2017

Grants Pass

Trip from Ritzville, Washington to Boardman, Oregon

Huntington, Oregon

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