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Left Mountaintop, PA in a 2002 Winnebago Minnie 30 Foot C-Class Motorhome around 11:30am on June 23rd, 2016.

We call our motorhome "The Minnie Winnie".

The Odometer was showing 24,921 miles when We started.

On January 1st, 2021 the Odometer showed 46,976 miles.

Been to 34 states.

They say a picture is worth a Thousand Words.

Our Web-Site contains over Two Hundred and Ninety pages.

More than One Thousand Videos.

And more than Thirty-Nine Thousand Pictures.

Read slowly.

Note: A word of caution about some of the Videos on our web-site.
You will hear some cursing here and there.
I talk like me and that's the way I talk.
You can always turn the sound down and enjoy some Beautiful Displays.



Our "Home Page" is easy to Navigate.

We've been to 34 states.

The Names of the States and the Names of the places We've been to in those States are displayed in Alphabetical order below.

To go directly to a particular place; click on its Name.

To see sample pictures of what the State has to offer, Click on the State's Name.



(Picture taken May 27, 2020)

Sunset RV Park, Cottondale



(Picture taken September 20, 2016)

Bullhead City
Air Force One, Bullhead City October 28, 2020
Colorado River Baptism May 23, 2021 & September 19, 2021
Bullhead City Reclaimed House Trailer
Bullhead City Rotary Park
San Gennaro Riverfront RV Park, Bullhead City
San Gennaro Thanksgiving Day 2021
San Gennaro Front End Loaders Stuck In Mud
San Gennaro Riverfront RV Park Site #33
Castle Dome Ghost Town
Chloride Cemetery
Chloride Cyanide Springs Ghost Town
Chloride Miners Day Parade
Chloride Murals
Chloride Scenery
Chloride Western RV Park 2018
Chloride Western RV Park 2019
Free Range Cattle
Chloride to Bull Head City (Down a 12 Mile Hill.)
Flagstaff to Cottonwood Ride Down an 18 Mile Hill
Kingman, October 2016
Kingman September 09, 2022
Kingman, Arizona to Laughlin, Nevada
Lake Havasu
Boat Ride Around Pittsburgh Island
Boat Ride to the Copper Canyon
Desert Storm Boat Races 2018
Lake Havasu City
Baloon Races 2017
London Bridge
VW Bus Rally 2017
Oatman, March 2018
Oatman, December 2018
The Desert Bar, Parker
Petrified Forest National Park
Hi Jolly Monument, Quartzsite
Tyson's Well and Museum, Quartzsite
88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite
The Grand Canyon
Williams September 2016
Williams September 2021
Canyon Gateway RV Park, Williams
Controlled Burn, Williams
Datsun Car Rally 2016, Williams
Dog Lake Park, Williams
Route 66 in Williams

Trip from Kingman, Arizona To Needles, California October 11, 2020
Trip from Williams, Arizona To Kingman, Arizona October 21, 2016 Page 1
Trip from Williams, Arizona To Kingman, Arizona October 21, 2016 Page 2
Trip from Williams, Arizona To Kingman, Arizona September 22, 2019
Trip from Williams, Arizona To Kingman, Arizona Augist 21, 2019
Tuba City
Williams To Tuba City 2019
Tuba City World War II Navajo Code Talkers
Turquoise Triangle RV Park, Cottonwood
Twin Arrows Casino, Flagstaff
Winslow to Flagstaff
Army Proving Ground, Yuma
Squaw Lake, Yuma



(Picture taken August 14, 2018)

Denmark, Tennessee to North Little Rock
Ivy's Cove RV Retreat, Russellville, Arkansas
Mississippi River, Interstate Route 40
Pilot Travel Center, North Little Rock
Walmart, Forest City




(Picture taken December 30, 2016)

Apple Valley
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Apple Valley
Big River
Big River RV Park, Big River
Ride Around The Town of Big River
Big River RV Park Animal Life
Big River RV Park Dirt Bank
Colorado River As Seen From Big River RV Park
The "Christmas Star" 2020 As Seen From Big River, California
Trip From Big River, California To Bullhead City, Arizona
Havasu Landing
Havasu Landing Resort Bass Fishing Derby 2017
Havasu Landing Beach Erosion
Havasu Landing Resort Birds 2017
Havasu Landing Resort Boat Races 2017
Havasu Landing Resort Boat Races 2018
Lake Havasu Boat Fire Febuary 02, 2020
Havasu Landing Controlled Burn
Havasu Landing ATV Desert Poker Run 2018
Havasu Landing Ferry January 2020 (Page 1)
Havasu Landing Ferry January 2020
Havasu Landing Light House Beach
Havasu Landing New Casino
Havasu Landing Old Marina
Havasu Landing Montage
Havasu Landing Panoramic View March 2020
Havasu Landing Retaining Wall Collapse
Havasu Landing Site #105 2017
Havasu Landing Spacious Skies
Havasu Landing Storms 2019
Sunrise / Sunset At Havasu Landing Resort & Casino
Havasu Landing Tree Trimming 2017
Havasu Landing Views
Havasu Landing Wind Storms 2017
Ventilated Wire Shelf Necklace & Wood Chain Surprise
New Year's Day 2020 Plunge into Lake Havasu
Trip from Laughlin, NV To Havasu Landing Resort, CA
General George S. Patton Memorial Museum
Jedediah Smith Redwood Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Mount San Antonio, Victorville
Mecca Beach, Salton Sea
San Andreas Fault, San Bernardino
Trip from Susanville, California to Carson City, Nevada
Route 66 Museum, Victorville
Yreka (Why-Reek-Ah)



(Picture taken August 17, 2016)

Cortez, July 2016
Cortez City Park, Cortez, Agust 2019
Cortez, Walk Down the North Side of Main Street, September 6, 2019
Cortez, Walk Down the South Side of Main Street, August 23, 2019
Sundance RV Park, Cortez, August 2019
Trip from Moab Utah to Cortez, July 2016
Cozy Comfort RV Park, Dolores
Mountains around Dolores
Dolores River, Dolores
Train Ride To Silverton

Amoco, New Meixico to Towaoc, Colorado
UTE Mountain, Towaoc
UTE Mountain Casino, Towaoc
UTE Mountain Chief's Monument, Towaoc
Indian Pow-Wow 2018, UTE Mountain, Towaoc



Georgia RV Park, Commerce, Georgia



(Picture taken June 12, 2017)

Coeur d'Alene Casino & Resort
Colbert, Washington to Post Falls, Idaho
Idaho Falls



(Picture taken July 3, 2016)

Okaw Valley Kampground, Brownstown
Vandalia Lake



(Picture taken July 1, 2016)

Grand Pa's Farm RV Park, Richmond
Terre Haute, Indiana



(Picture taken July 9, 2016)

Little Bear Camp, West Liberty



(Picture taken August 7, 2018)

Ohio to Kentucky
Kentucky to Tennessee
Western Kentucky RV Park



Trip from Pine Bluff, Arkansas To Rayville, Louisiana



(Picture taken July 10, 2016)

Albert Lea



Trip Through Mississippi



(Picture taken May 18, 2018)

Cape Girardeau Home Page
Cape Rock Park, Cape Girardeau

A Ride through Cape Girardeau
A Walk by The Wall of Fame in Cape Girardeau
The Landing Point RV Park, Cape Girardeau
Trip from Springfield, Missouri to Vandalia, Illionois 2018



(Picture taken August 4, 2016)

Livingston Campground, Livingston
West Madison Campground



(Picture taken October 21, 2017)

Boulder City
Cactus Pete's Casino & RV Resort, Jackpot
Camp-N-Town RV Park, Carson City
Carson City
Gateway to Death Valley through Amargosa Valley
Harrah's Casino, Laughlin
Hawthorne Army Depot Museum, Hawthorne
Lake Meade
Las Vegas
Laughlin, almost a Ghost Town in the Spring of 2020
Laughlin Bus Ride March 18, 2021
Fisherman's Access, Lauglin, Nevada
Jet Boat Ride Laughlin
Sunset & Weather, 2020 Laughlin
Saturday Storm November 07, 2020 Laughlin
Sunday Storm November 08, 2020 Laughlin
Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino, Laughlin
Riverside RV Resort & Casino Car Museum, Laughlin
Trip from Laughlin, NV To Havasu Landing Resort, CA
Longstreet Casino & RV Resort, Amargosa Valley
Miller's Rest Area
Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge
Pahrump RV Park
Trip from Carson City, Nevada to Hawthorne, Nevada
Trip from Laughlin, NV To Havasu Landing Resort, CA
Trip from Pahrump, Nevada To Chloride, Arizona


New Mexico

(Picture taken Septermber 4, 2016)

Four Corners National Park
Sky City Casino, Amoco, New Mexico

Amoco, New Mexico to Towaoc, Colorado
Gallup, New Mexico to Casa Blanc, New Mexico
Shiprock, New Mexico to Gallup, New Mexico May 2018
Albuquerque, NM To Gallup, NM October 9, 2020
Gallup, New Mexico To Williams, Arizona October 10, 2020
Gallup, New Mexico To Tucumcari, New Mexico
Gallup, New Mexico To Tucumcari, New Mexico
Williams, Arizona To Gallup, New Mexico
Riverview Golf Course, Kirtland
The Greens RV Park, Kirtland
Kirtland, New Mexico to Shiprock, New Mexico
Mount Shiprock
Sky City Casino, Amoco, New Mexico
USA RV Park, Gallup, New Mexico

North Carolina

(Picture taken February 27, 2023)

Bank of America Stadium
Charolette Motor Speedway
Charlotte, NC Construction
Freedom Park, Charlotte Feb 24, 2023
Tryon Street, Charlotte, Page 1

Tryon Street, Charlotte, Page 2
Tryon Street, Charlotte, Page 3
Tryon Street, Charlotte, Page 4



(Picture taken August 7, 2018)

Cincinnati, August 2018
Cincinnati, June 2020
Hollwood Casino, Columbus
Spring Valley Campground, Cambridge
Walmart, Cambridge



(Picture taken May 17, 2018)

Cherokee Casino, Roland
Downstream Casino, Quapaw
Grand Casino, Shawnee
Hardrock Casino, Catoosa
Lucky Star Casino, Clinton
Sugar Creek Casino, Hinton
Video of Hinton August 2018
Video of Roland To Shawnee August 2018
Video of Shawnee To Oklahoma City



(Picture taken June 10, 2017)

Bastendorf County RV Park, Coos Bay
Ships in Coos Bay, Oregon, (As seen from Bastendorf County RV Park)
Trip from Ritzville, Washington to Boardman, Oregon
Boardman Marina, Boardman July 2017
Boardman Marina RV Park, Boardman
Brookings Harbor
Coos Bay
Driftwood RV Park, Boardman
Driftwood RV Park, Brookings
Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville
Farewell Bend State Park, Huntington
Grants Pass
Trip down Cabbage Hill, La Grande
Trip from Hood River, Oregon to Dundee
La Grande
Three Rivers Casino, Coos Bay
Total Eclipse of the Sun, Boardman
Trip from Ritzville, Washington to Boardman, Oregon
Trip from Boardman, Oregon to Viento State Park, Hood River
Viento State Park



(Picture taken July 7, 2018)

Christmas Pines Campground, Auburn
Clearfield, PA to Pittsburgh, PA 2018
Fox Den Acres, New Stanton




(Picture taken June 6, 2020)





South Dakota

(Picture taken July 21, 2016)

Badlands Campground, Interior
Badlands National Park
Buffalo Ridge RV Camp, Custer
Crazy Horse Memorial
Custer State Park
Interior (Population: 67)
Lewis & Clark Memorial, Chamberlain
Mount Rushmore
New Frontier Campground, Presho
Rapid City
Trolley in Rapid City
Trip to Rapid City, South Dakota July 2016



(Picture taken August 9, 2018)

Cicada Emerging from its Shell, Denmark
Joy-O RV Park, Denmark



(Picture taken May 14, 2018)

Alanreed Travel Center, Alanreed

Big Texan Steak Ranch, Home of the "Free" 72oz Steak Dinner, Amarillo
Bus Ride / Route21 Amarillo
Thompson Park Zoo, Amarillo
West Gate Mall, Amarillo
Wonderland RV Park, Amarillo
Lake McClellan Campground, Pampa
Trip from Tucumcari, New Mexico to Pampa, Texas (Eastbound)




(Picture taken August 7, 2016)

Moab, Page 1 of 2
Moab, Page 2 of 2
Monument Valley
OK RV Campground, Moab
Salt Lake City


(Picture taken July 12, 2017)

Knapp's Berry Farm, Green Bluff
Mount Spokane



Fort Chiswell RV Park, Max Meadows



West Virginia

(Picture taken June 28, 2016)




(Picture taken July 24, 2016)

Connor Battle Field, Ranchester
Devil's Tower
Rangeland Campground, Moorcroft
Sheridan, Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming



(Picture taken July 21, 2016)

88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, Arizona

Alanreed Travel Center, Alanreed, Texas

Amarillo Best Wonderland RV Park, Amarillo, Texas

Badlands Interior Motel and Campground, Interior, South Dakota

Beatty RV Park, Beatty, Nevada

Big River RV Park, Big River, California

Buffalo Ridge Campground, Custer, South Dakota

Cal-Nev-Ari Market & RV Park, Nevada

Camper Corner, Ennis, Montana

Camp-N-Town RV Park, Carson City, Nevada

Canyon Gateway RV Park, Williams, Arizona

Cherokee Casino, Roland, Oklahoma

Chloride Western RV Park, Chloride, Arizona

Christmas Pines Campground, Auburn, Pennsylvania

Clearfield County Fair Grounds Halfway between Pittsburgh & Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Connor Battle Field, Ranchester, Wyoming

Cozy Comfort RV Park, Dolores, Colorado

Dancing Eagle Casino, Casa Blanca, New Mexico

Downstream Casino, Quapaw, Oklahoma

Driftwood RV Park, Brookings, Oregon

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, Oregon

Farewell Bend State Park, Huntington, Oregon

Fort Chiswell RV Resort, Max Meadows, Virginia

Fox Den Acres, New Stanton, Pennsylvania

Georgia RV Park, Commerce, Georgia

Grand Casino, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Grand Pa's Farm RV Park, Richmond, Indiana

Hardrock Casino, Catoosa

Havasu Landing Resort, Havasu Lake, California

Hollwood Casino, Columbus, Ohio

Ivy's Cove RV Retreat, Russellville, Arkansas

Joy-O RV Park, Denmark, Tennessee

Lake McClellan Campground, Pampa, Texas

Little Bear Camp, West Liberty, Iowa

Livingston Campground, Livingston, Montana

Longstreet Casino & RV Resort, Amargosa Valley, Nevada

Lucky Star Casino, Clinton, Oklahoma

Marshall Park, Sheridan, Wyoming

Mecca Beach, Salton Sea, California

New Frontier Campground, Presho, South Dakota

Okaw Valley Kampground, Brownstown, Illionois

O.K. RV Park & Canyonlands Stables, Moab, Utah

Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge Alamo, Nevada

Pahrump Station RV Park, Pahrump, Nevada

Rangeland Campground, Moorcroft, Wyoming

Riverside Resort Casino & RV Park, Laughlin, Nevada

San Gennaro Riverfront RV Park

Sky City Casino, Amoco, New Mexico

Spring Valley Campground, Cambridge, Ohio

Sugar Creek Casino, Hinton, Oklahoma

The Greens RV Park, Kirtland, New Mexico

The Landing Point RV Park, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

United Campground, Durango, Colorado

USA RV Park, Gallup, New Mexico

UTE Mountain Casino, Towaoc, Colorado

Vandalia Lake, Illionois

Viento State Park, Oregon

West Madison Campground, Montana

Western Kentucky RV Park, Kentucky




(Picture taken July 23, 2017)




(Picture taken October 4, 2017)



(Picture taken July 25, 2017)



(Winslow, Arizona. Picture taken July 28, 2017)


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