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Chloride, Arizona

October, 2018

Chloride, Arizona is Picturesque.  Took lots of Pictures.
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Chloride got its name from the silver chloride found all over the local mountains. Silver was first discovered by miners in the 1860's. Silver Hill is named after the rich ore deposits in it. Besides silver, the miners found zinc, copper, lead, molybdenum, and turquoise. At one point, there were over 75 working mines and over 2,000 people living here. Businesses, such as hotels, a bank, a pool hall, barber shops, saloons, and restaurants thrived. A railroad spur connected Chloride to Kingman for ore and passenger transport. Several churches and a hospital served the residents' needs. The most productive mine, the Tennessee Mine, produced zinc and lead into the 1940s. When the mines closed, miners and their families left, leaving Chloride almost a ghost town. Today, some of the mines are privately owned, while others are controlled by the federal government. 

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Video of Chloride, AZ (1 of 4)

Video of Chloride, AZ (2 of 4)


Video of Chloride, AZ (3 of 4)

Video of Chloride, AZ (4 of 4)


Video of Ride down Tennessee Ave from Arizona Route 93 to Chloride, AZ October 2, 2019



Chloride, Arizona, October 2018 Start

Chloride, Arizona, October 2018 End


Chloride, Arizona October 2018

Chloride, Arizona Cemetery

Chloride, Arizona Ghost Town

Chloride, Arizona Miners Day Parade

Chloride, Arizona Mining On The Mountain

Chloride, Arizona Murals

Chloride, Arizona Scenery

Chloride, Arizona Western RV Park 2018

Chloride, Arizona Western RV Park 2019

Chloride, Arizona Free Range Cattle

Ride down a 12 Mile Hill!
Chloride, Arizona to Bull Head City, Arizona


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