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The largest picture of New York City ever taken:

This is amazing. Takes awhile to load but WOW.

Start by Zooming all the way out by rolling the Mouse Button towards You.

To Rotate the picture hold the Left Mouse Button down and move the Mouse all the way around any Direction.

To Zoom In anywhere roll the Mouse Button away from You.

Zoom / Move the Picture. Zoom / Move the Picture. Zoom / Move the Picture.

All I can say is WOW.


Passing a Tractor Trailer turned the Window into a Mirror.


A Fisherwoman a Fish and an Osprey at Dog Lake Park, Williams, Arizona 1 of 1

Cicada Emerging from its Shell, Denmark, TN 2018

Dragon Fly Eating A Fly


Oatman, Arizona

Odd Charcoal

Victorville, California



The pictures below are included because of the Peculiarity of the box of "ProClearz Maximum Strength Fungal Shield".

In August of 2020 We were throwing out a worn out Lawn Chair. The chair was bought in the summer of 2018.

While emptying the storage pockets of the chair found a box of "ProClearz Maximum Strength Fungal Shield".
Don't know how the box got in the chair pocket.

The Expiration Date on the box was 07/2014.
Four Years before We Bought the Chair
Two years before We started Traveling.

The pictures above are included because of the peculiarity of the box of ProClearz Maximum Strength Toe Nail Fungus Medication.


Video of Feather Pillow Mishap August 26, 2021



Large Fly at Okaw Valley Kampground, Brownstone, Illinois Start

Large Fly at Okaw Valley Kampground, Brownstone, Illinois End

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