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Victorville, California

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Victorville, California is the 49th largest city in California based on official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau.

Posted May 18, 2016 at 1:00 PM Victorville One High Desert city has the distinction of being named one of the most dangerous cities in California.

Victorville made the top 10, ranking ninth out of 68 municipalities listed in the “California’s most dangerous cities” report, just beating out Inglewood, Richmond and Sacramento, according to the law firm of Graham Donath in Riverside.


Trip from Havasu Landing, CA To Victorville, CA (1 of 2)

Trip from Havasu Landing, CA To Victorville, CA (2 of 2)


Tour of Victorville, CA (1 of 1)


Bobbette Tractor

Rexroth Industries, Inc., Riverside, CA
(More Pictures & Video Below)


1949 Crosley Automobile

(More Pictures & Video Below)


Victorville, California Start


Victorville, California End


Bobbette Tractor

Rexroth Industries, Inc., Riverside, CA
Attachments included Dozer Blade, Leveler Blade, the Sure Fire Ripper, Wheel Weights, Ball Trailer Hitch, Plow, 10 Blade Disk, Cultivators and Two Wheel "Bob-Cart".
Didn't see a Mower Deck Attachment.




Bobbette Tractor End

1949 Crosley Automobile (1 of 1)

The couple that own this Crosley bought it used. They brought their eldest child home from the hospital in this car in 1955.
The last time it was legally on the road was in 1964.



1949 Crosley End

Apple Valley, California

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Apple Valley, California

Mount San Antonio, Victorville, California

San Andreas Fault, San Bernardino, California

Victorville, California

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