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Oatman, Arizona

December 2018

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Current Population: 128. Peak Population: 3,500. Elevation: 2,700 Feet. Primary Mineral: Gold

Oatman was founded about 1906. By 1931, the area's mines had produced over 1.8 million ounces of gold. By the mid 1930's, the boom was over and in 1942 the last remaining mines were closed as nonessential to the war effort.

Burros first came to Oatman with early day prospectors. The animals were also used inside the mines for hauling rock and ore. Outside the mines, burros were used for hauling water and supplied. As the mines closed and people moved away, the burros were released into the surrounding hills.

The burros you meet today in Oatman, while descendants of domestic work animals, are themselves wild. They will bite and kick. Please keep a safe distance from them. Wild burros are protected by federal law from capture, injury, or harassment. Help protect these living symbols of the old west.

Oatman, Arizona is known for the wild burrows that wander through town. Tourists from all over the world have hand fed the wild burrows that wander through Oatman.

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Video of Oatman, Arizona December 2018, (1 of 4)

Video of Oatman, Arizona December 2018, (2 of 4)

Video of Oatman, Arizona December 2018, (3 of 4)

Video of Oatman, Arizona December 2018, (4 of 4)

Video of The Oatman Bank Robbery, Oatman, Arizona (1 of 2)

Video of The Oatman Bank Robbery, Oatman, Arizona (2 of 2)

Oatman, Arizona December 2018 Start


The Oatman Hotel boasts more than $240,000.00 in cash stapled / taped / pinned to the bars, the walls, the booths, the stools, the ceiling.

Back in the early 1900s, Oatman, Arizona was a tent city turned mining town located along Route 66. The Oatman Hotel, called the Drulin Hotel, was established in 1902 and served as a popular rest stop.

When the miners received their paychecks, they would write their name on a dollar and stick it on the wall. This served as a savings account of sorts. If the patron needed extra cash to pay their tab during return visits, they would find their name on the wall and bring the dollar to their waitress.

Today they keep a Staple Gun and Magic Marker just inside the door.

Video of The Oatman Hotel. A Saloon covered in Dollar Bills in Oatman, Arizona





Oatman, Arizona December 2018 End


We have been to Oatman, Arizona twice thanks to friends giving us a ride.
Link to pictures of our trip during March 2018

On May 1st, 2017 We were heading North on Arizona Route #95.

Oatman, Arizona is about 30 miles off Arizona Route #95.

A thinly paved two lane road winds through 30 miles of Desert.

It was 107 Degrees that day.

Got within 6 or 7 miles and turned around when we spotted a sign:

Steep Inclines

Dangerous Mountain Curves

It was 107 Degrees!!!

We Turned Around!!!

Did get pictures of the trip:


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