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88 Shades RV Park

575 W Main St
Quartzsite, AZ 85346
(800) 457-4392

May 2017

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We stayed at 88 Shades RV Park May 1st through May 31st 2017.

It was 107 degrees the last 21 days in a row.

I asked why it was called "88 Shades"? Its because there were 88 original Palm Trees on the site.

Here is the review we posted on Good Sam and

If you're going to Quartzsite we recommend you stay at 88 Shades RV Park. We stayed 1 month in a 30' C-Class. $275.00 + .18kwh.

Based on another review; because it was a pull through; we originally reserved site #94. Site #94 faces North to South and the HOT desert sun blasted us broadside all day long. On the 2nd day one of the friendly maintenance men; showed us to site D2, a back in facing East to West with a beautiful orange tree shading the back of our rig.

88 Shades offers plenty of activities. From a once a month pot luck lunch to a weekly evening campfire with hotdogs, smores and live entertainment. There is a karaoke night, a sing-a-long night, bingo night and more.

There is even a free to use; almost regulation size professional pool table located in it's own building.

88 Shades is also within walking / bicycling distance of Gem Stores; Monuments and Museums.

The most pleasant part about staying at 88 Shades RV Park were the people. The 20 or so permanent residents; the employees and the owner of the park made our stay very enjoyable.

Do want to add this about the temperature in Quartzsite, AZ in May; 107 degrees 21 days in a row.
There is a saying that the heat in Arizona is a dry heat and doesn't affect You the same way. You roast a turkey in dry heat.
Bring plenty of water and be sure Your A/C is working.


Part of an e-mail sent to friends on Saturday 27th, 2007:

Its been 107 degrees here for 4 days in a row. 106 for 3 more. Its 100 on the button right now, Saturday 27th at 3:50pm AZ Time.

It got down to 98 yesterday, Friday the 26th. It took 50 minutes to replace the parts 5:07pm – 5:57pm from getting the tools out to having everything put away. Mommy took videos.

Ok! Getting back to the 107 degrees. It has been 100 or more here every day for the last 21 days or so. One night took he thermometer in the house. The table was 107 degrees. The refrigerator isn’t keeping up. Been putting ice in the freezer.

We can’t use our air conditioner. It works. The old Electric Converter / Charger in the Minnie Winnie gets too hot. The cooling fan in it doesn’t run. So that adds to the heat.

When Ya put the air conditioner on; the Transformer in the Converter / Charger produces more heat. The system over heats so much that You smell plastic melting.

We decided on Wednesday afternoon when it got to 107 to buy a replacement for our Converter / Charger so we can use the air conditioner.

We been sleeping w/bottles of ice water under our arm pits and one one the pillow. During the hottest part of the day 12 noon to 4pm we go to the community pool room. A/C, Stereo and a nice pool table. The pool table is the kind You’d find in old saloons.

On Thursday afternoon we told one of the neighbors we needed to buy a new Converter / Charger and he said he’d give me a ride over to the RV Parts store. They closed at 1 so we went Friday morning for the Converter / Charger.

The old one is a:
MagneTek 6300A, Q Series, Model 6345
Input 7.8 Amps 12VDC, Output 45 Amps 12VDC.

Turns out MagneTek sold out years ago to a company named Parallax.

Called Parallax but it seems to be a small company. Any extension You press takes You to Tom Murphy.

Did some more research, contacted Winnebago. They said the: Parallax model 7345P replaced the MagneTek.

Found the Parallax model 7345P at
Parallax Power Supply 7345 Power Center Electronic Converter/Charger
$339.89 + $25.97 shipping

WELL, Lifestyles RV parts had it there. 305.00 + tax. A neighbor, (Ron), gave me a ride to the store.

Bought it. Brought it home. Easy replacement. 4 mounting screws and 4 wires, (Blue wire and a White wire on one side of the unit and a black one and a white one on the other side), that connect to a block.

We started to pull out the old MagneTek, Access plates and mounting screws then noticed the MagneTek had 5 wires. A black one and a white one on side and a Blue wire and a White wire AND A RED WIRE on the other side.

Oh; almost forgot the add; been sitting in the shower; A LOT!, trying to cool down. When the water first comes out of the faucet You can make a cup or tea or a cup of instant coffee.

Back to the Red wire. Called the guy at the RV Parts store. He said RED wire You need the Parallax 7345P-RU model. Do You have one? Two on the shelf. Told him I’d be right there. It was already after noon and the store closed at 1pm. It would be closed until Tuesday because of Memorial Day.

The owner Dennis, had the part on the counter. I opened the box and said NO RED WIRE. Owner Dennis said the circuit board was missing. It should be right on top in the box. Dennis walked over to the shelves and brought back the other Parallax 7345P-RU he had in stock. That circuit board was missing too. Somebody had stolen both circuit boards.

Asked Dennis when he’d re-stock? 3 working days before the new ones would be there. Friday the 2nd of June.

RV Lifestyles, Inc.
1795 Dome Rock Road
Quartzsite, AZ 85346
Dennis 928.927.8222

Video of 88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ May 2017 (1 of 4)

Video of 88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ May 2017 (2 of 4)

Video of 88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ May 2017 (3 of 4)

Video of 88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ May 2017 (4 of 4)

Video of a King Snake at 88 Shades May 2017 (1 of 5)

Video of a King Snake at 88 Shades May 2017 (2 of 5)

Video of a King Snake at 88 Shades May 2017 (3 of 5)

Video of a King Snake at 88 Shades May 2017 (4 of 5)

Video of a King Snake at 88 Shades May 2017 (5 of 5)

Video of Pruning Palm Trees at 88 Shades RV Park May 2017 (1 of 2)

Video of Pruning Palm Trees at 88 Shades RV Park May 2017 (2 of 2)


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88 Shades RV Park, Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite, Arizona

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