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Cortez, Colorado

July 2016

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Cortez, city, seat (1889) of Montezuma county, southwestern Colorado, U.S., on the Navajo Trail, in the San Juan Basin at an elevation of 6,177 feet (1,883 metres). The Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi), an early Pueblo culture, were the first known inhabitants of the region. After their mysterious disappearance about 1300 AD, the Ute, Navajo, and Arapaho peoples settled the area. The city of Cortez, named for Hernán Cortés (the Spanish conqueror of Mexico), was laid out by the Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company in 1886 on the site of a Navajo Indian seasonal camp called Tseyetoh (Navajo: “Water Rock”). The company also built a diversion canal from the Dolores River to the town centre.

Link to Cortez, Colorado History.

Video of Walmart, Cortez, Colorado July 2016 (1 of 1)


View of Cortez, Colorado from the Walmart Parking Lot July 2016 Start


View of Cortez, Colorado from the Walmart Parking Lot July 2016 End

There was a lot to see in Cortez, Colorado.

Cortez, Colorado July 2016

Cortez City Park, Cortez, Colorado Agust 2019

Walk Down the North Side of Main Street, Cortez, Colorado September 6, 2019

Walk Down the South Side of Main Street, Cortez, Colorado August 23, 2019

Sundance RV Park, Cortez, Colorado 2019

Trip from Moab Utah to Cortez, Colorado July 2016

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